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me and jake"If you're like me, you long for the crisp days of fall with the aroma of decaying leaves, the rush of a grouse flush and the ballet of the woodcock rise. We are for the most part a solitary group, a minority if you wish, disciples of uncivilized places and wild birds."

Upland Journal Online Magazine & Bulletin Board will be 14 years old in late March of 2016. What started as just an idea has evolved into a web community that stretches coast-to-coast, into Canada and abroad.

The Upland Talk Bulletin Board is the heart-and-soul of UJ and continues to boast over 3000 registered and active Members and countless Guests and Visitors. This primarily public/global board has become THE PLACE for upland bird hunters to share knowledge, gain information, and just plain shoot the breeze. The UJ Discussion Community enjoys a wide range of member resources from veterinarians, to gunsmiths, to dog trainers and breeders. Sporting writers and wildlife artists have found the site/BB to be a rich source for ideas and inspiration. But it's the earnest bird hunters on the Board that bolster the mix and make it such a rich and unique meeting place.

"UJ Get-Togethers" continue to be annual events, so much so that there is a Forum devoted to these activities. Folks who have met on UJ gather from all corners of the country for bird hunts, skeet/clay shooting, dog training, or just to meet and enjoy one another's company. The networking created through the board has cemented many lifelong friendships.

None of the above could be possible without the generosity of the Contributing Members using the Subscription/Donation format. Contributing Members enjoy enhanced priviliges including a Swap & Trade classified ad Forum, and an Upland Artisans Forum. These Forums provide more information, opportunity and resources to all members. Registration to become a member to the BB can no longer be open 24/7/365 due to spammers but is opened periodically. Information can be found by reviewing applicable Topics on the Administration/Moderating Updates Forum.

The Upland Gear store is open for business with UJ merchandise and upland products including a grouse fan plaque-display, UJ hats, UJ coffee mugs and more.

As always, I am looking forward to another year of entertainment, information, commiseration and comradery. So pull up a stool. I'll see you all on 'The Board'.

Brad Eden
Owner, Publisher, Editor, Administrator & Moderator
Upland Journal Online Magazine & Bulletin Board

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