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Upland Journal is a member of the Amazon.com Associates Program. This program allows Upland Journal to sell Amazon.com products at their same low price. We will receive a referral fee for each book bought through our online bookstore, as well as from the purchase of CD's, DVD's, and videos if Amazon is accessed from the Upland Library. This service helps offset the cost of maintaining our site.

Wingshooter's Guide to North Dakota
Wingshooter's Guide to South Dakota
Wingshooter's Guide to Michigan
Wingshooter's Guide to Minnesota
Wingshooter's Guide to Wisconsin
Wingshooter's Guide to Iowa
Wingshooter's Guide to Montana
Wingshooter's Guide to Arizona
Wingshooter's Guide to Washington
Wingshooter's Guide to Oregon
Wingshooter's Guide to Idaho
Wingshooter's Guide to Kansas
Author: Ian Ballantine
The Outdoor Painting of Robert K. Abbett

Authors: Patricia Junker and Sarah Burns
Winslow Homer: Artist and Angler

Artist & Author: Eldridge Hardie and George Reiger
The Paintings of Eldridge Hardie: Art of a life in Sport

Artist & Author: Chet Reneson and Robert Abbett
The Watercolors of Chet Reneson

Author: Burton Spiller:
Drummer in the Woods
Grouse Feathers
More grouse feathers
Grouse Feathers, Again

Author: Charles Fergus:
 A Rough-Shooting Dog
 The Upland Equation

Author: Jim Fergus
A Hunter's Road
The Sporting Road

Author: Sydney Lea
Hunting the Whole Way Home

Author: Michael McIntosh
 Traveler's Tales
 Best Guns

Author: Mike Gaddis
Jenny Willow

Author: Gene Hill & Steve Smith
Whispering Wings of Autumn

Author: Datus Proper
Pheasants of the Mind

Author: Tred Slough
A High Lonesome Call

Author: William Tapply
Upland Days
Author: Kevin C. Shelly
Lynn Bogue Hunt: A Sporting Life

Author: Larry Brown
A Pheasant Hunters Notebook

Author: Catherine A. Harper
George Bird Evans: Life of a Shooting Gentleman

Author: Christopher Camuto
Hunting From Home: A Year Afield in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Author: Guy de la Valdene
Making Game
For a Handful of Feathers

Author: Steven Mulak
Wings of Thunder

Author: Ted Nelson Lundrigan

Hunting the Sun

Grouse and Lesser Gods

Author: Tom Kelly
Better on a Rising TideBird Dogs Forever
Dealer's Choice
Tenth Legion

Author: Tom Huggler
A Fall of Woodcock

Author: Frank Jezioro
 Of Guns and Dogs and Men

Author: Randy Acker
 Field Guide : Dog First Aid

Author: George Bird Evans
Troubles With Bird Dogs

Author: Frank Woolner
Complete Book of Woodcock Hunting
My New England
Grouse Hunting Strategies

Author: Dennis Walrod
Grouse Hunter's Guide

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