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Welcome to the Letters to the Editor page. Please use our Submissions page or Contact Us page to send us your thoughts and comments. Let us know what you think about Upland Journal or anything else having to do with upland bird hunting.

"If  you're like me, you long for  the crisp days of fall with  the aroma of decaying leaves, the rush of a grouse flush and the ballet of the woodcock rise. We are for the most part a solitary group, a minority  if you wish, disciples of uncivilized places and wild birds."

Brad Eden, Publisher & Editor

I really enjoy your site. Though I do more reading than contributing. I'm relatively new to Upland Bird Hunting. .  . but it didn't take me long to fall in love with the sport. I find your site very useful, especially the information about the dogs, which I frequently take into heart working with my almost 2 year old Brittany.

Chris Bridson


Brad. I would like to congratulate you on your wonderful site. It is by far, in my opinion, the best outdoor site on the web. I don't know how you do it but the forums are exceptional. I am sure it is your moderation that has attracted the exceptional people to this site. Tomorrow I will post a money order via snail mail for a subscription. If you ever come to Newfoundland I will gladly get you into a few birds, salmon or whatever or just show you around.

Wishing you all the best



I have become the guru of finding upland information on the internet. I must tell you that your sight is bar none the most informative site so far. The feature stories only add to my anticipation, as the bird trip draws near.  I've read feed back from some fellas hunting for 35 years.  I just wanted to let you know that you've helped fuel the dreams of a 30-year-old first timer.  Thanks for the wonderful website, and keep up the good work.


Eric S. Robinson


Wonderful site, Brad! It's first class. Now I know why you haven't been spending as much time at the other BB. This must keep you busy. Reading the Upland Journal has helped temper my anticipation for our upcoming autumn. I appreciate your efforts.

Best Wishes!
Brad Hire

Just wanted to let you guys know your doing a great job and I appreciate having a comfortable place to come and discuss upland hunting, dogs etc. This site has quickly become my favorite web spot and to be honest, it helps with the "wild bird joneses" (not to mention making it through a mundane day at work)! Keep up the good work and good luck with the upgrade.

Jaak Gilmore

Great idea! I have enjoyed your website and appreciate the information on hunting in Appalachia. I am an avid grouse hunter here in upper East Tennessee and enjoy the opportunity to read/learn more about our mutual friend, the ruffed grouse.

Scott Marmo


Congratulations, Brad! Great idea, and I'll bet as word gets out about your new site, "Upland Journal" will be one of the places serious bird hunters will go to first!
I'm really looking forward to daily visits to what should be one of the finest upland hunting sites on the net! Sign me up!

Jim McCann
Outdoor Writer
Fairbanks, Alaska




My friend, Joe Zemaitis gave me the heads up on this web site. I think you have a great idea with this cyber journal devoted to the upland hunter. I wish you the best of luck and much success in this venture.

With best regards,
Arunas “Tony” Jablonskis


Wow!! Way cool, Brad!! Very nice job, and I applaud your courage in stepping up to what appears to be a daunting task. I just registered, and you can count on me to be a regular contributor. Gotta get back to work now, but I’ll be in touch.

Again, very nice job my friend!
Mike Krol


That is really a great effort (especially from a MAC guy - Just kidding) I like the way it is set up, and so far it looks like a pretty good bunch of guys have logged on.

Thanks for the heads up - I think you really have something here!
Geoff Groznak


First let me say I enjoyed surfing your sit. We need more of this info. Great job. My hunting partner and I have been grouse hunting for over 35 years, with various breeds of bird dogs and have enjoyed them very much, but in the last two years we've been hunting labs. They are two years old and doing very well. My female is kellogg breed. Keep up the good work. Will be in touch-good hunting. Thanks for the good articles.

Barry Jessee

Really good Web page, Good web sites on upland hunting are hard to find. Especially liked the Upland talk section, lots of info there. I'm from Newfoundland, Canada and the grouse season starts here this weekend. Really looking forward to opening day.

Dwayne lewis

I really like this site and I see the potential you have in it. One question though? Will members be able to submit short stories? I like to write a little and I know some of the others do too. I think if you had a section for this,it would make your site different from the others while providing some entertainment for its members.
Just a thought.

Brian Lengling

That is one of the things I’m most excited about; Members contributing stories, photos and art. We are working on the Submissions page where we hope to have an easy upload/e-mail function for members to attach/send stories etc. Those contributions chosen will be published on our Features page.
In the mean time if you have some stories you’d like us to consider for publication attach the document (preferably Word) and any photos or art to an e-mail and send to info@uplandjournal.com.

Brad Eden, Editor

Handsome home page! I like it. I confess: I’m a grouse nut, too. They’ve gotten so scarce around here, I try to hide it. I will be following this website’s progress with much interest. Could turn into something very nice. Maybe no “Can I hunt with my pistol gripped Mossberg Persuader?” type questions. One can always hope. Thanks for the heads up.

Lee Sykes

Great site Brad! Very impressive, easy to navigate, attractive design, and great ideas. I wish you the best of luck.


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