I reload, steady now only three shells left. As I clear the brush and step out on the north south road, another one takes flight. This time from kitty-corner. As it flies across the road, I mount swing and fire, behind again. Then it happens, for some strange reason the bird veers and flies straight down the road. I hesitate, bear down and fire; down it goes the fifth and final bird. I call to Parker "dead bird fetch!" she retrieves to hand and I praise her profusely.

As we walk down the road, the sun lower yet, we come upon the others at the truck. The dogs resting under the truck as we sit on the tailgate, we each take turns recalling the highlights of the afternoon. Finally as the sun burns itself out over the horizon, we pile into the truck and head off down the road. The one recurring phrase exclaimed over and over between our boasts and laughter is "Popcorn just like popcorn they were".


Brian Lengling is an avid upland bird hunter from Wisconsin. He has hunted mostly Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock in his home state for the last 25 years and has also traveled to South Dakota, Kansas, and Michigan in pursuit of upland birds with his Springer Belle and English Setter Parker.

Copyright 2003 - Brian Lengling